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12 Weeks to Get Clear on Your Vision, Transform Your Business & Financial Strategy and Establish the Actions & Habits To Build Something Great.

A 12 week on-line program blending finance, strategy, psychology & accountability to get your business and your life on track to achieve your goals.

We show small but established business owners how to link their actions & habits to the business and financial strategy they need using the revolutionary 4 Question Framework

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The 4 Pillars Of The Life Investor Challenge

Journey & Purpose

What do you want?

Growth & scaling up are great, but if you're building a business that you dread waking up to every morning, you may find that all the profit you can dream of won't stop you from feeling trapped. Take a look from 30,000 feet. How does your business fit in your broader values and purpose? This pillar can be broken down into a daily exercise to ensure you remain focused on what matters.

Financial Fundamentals

What do you need to earn to get it?

The bedrock of any long-term successful business owner is are financial foundations built deep beneath them. You can have business that overflows with clients and profits, but unless you have a system for eliminating risk, relentlessly transfering wealth to other asset classes and balancing growth, you're likely to remain on a hamster wheel of boom and bust.

Business & Finance Strategy

How can you build your business to achieve it?

This is the true long term driver of business and personal growth. Top-flight investors don't make knee-jerk decisions or react to the market without careful consideration of risks and opportunities. They don't throw money at the wall, hoping it'll stick. They DO make decisions based on a long term financial strategy. The latest Instagram tactic will not make you rich. That same tactic deployed as part of a long term strategic growth strategy will.

Accountability & Environment

Who's in control?

Business can be lonely. And networking events often don't really enable us to truly open up about how to make our businesses better. Being the boss often means that we are accountable to no one. While this is liberating (and probably part of the reason you decided to work for yourself in the first place!), having no one to keep us accountable for what we say we're going to do is a quick way to stay ill-disciplined and stuck.

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